Roles and Duties of a Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer takes different roles. They are responsible for either prosecuting or defending a person charged with a crime. The broad nature of being a lawyer and the vastness of criminal law itself make it impossible to have an exact job description for a criminal lawyer. However, here is a short guide to their many roles and duties, according to criminal law firms in Hong Kong.

Criminal Defense

A criminal defense solicitor works as a representative of a person who is accused of a crime. Their role is to ensure that the legal rights of the person are upheld and that a fair trial is given to them by the court. Basic duties of a criminal defense lawyer include providing advice to the client and reviewing relevant documents such as police reports, forensic reports, medical records, and witness statements. Aside from research and investigation, they also work on drafting legal documents. More importantly, they establish a comprehensive and compelling defense for the client.

Criminal Duty

A criminal duty solicitor represents a person accused of criminal offense in cases where the defendant has no access to a solicitor. The service of such solicitors is pro-bono or free of charge. Main duties of a duty solicitor includes observing the offender’s legal rights, providing advice to the accused, challenging evidences against the accused, and ensuring that once the case goes to court, the hearing will remain fair and just.

Criminal Prosecution

A prosecution lawyer is the one in charge of presenting the case against the accused. Their responsibility is different from that of a defendant lawyer. This is not just because they represent different parties but because prosecution lawyers are responsible in deciding whether to prosecute the accused and bring the case to the criminal court. Their duties include analyzing police evidence, contacting the police and the law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. They also liaise with the criminal defense solicitors and the court staff.

The job of a criminal lawyer is filled with different duties and responsibilities. When in need of assistance from a criminal lawyer, look for an experienced one as your representative. 

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